We Don't Just Maintain Pools

More than cleaning.

Taking care of a pool is not just cleaning. It is taking care of the swimmers' health and well being. Clear water is not necessarily healthy water. Chemicals and bacteria which are detrimental to health do not necessarily discolor the water.

Balanced water

It is important to have good water balance in order for the various different types of sanitizers to be effective and guard the swimmers from bacteria. Correct water balance will also minimize damage to the pool and its equipment. To do this, our pool maintenance technicians are trained in all aspects of pool equipment, swimming pool filter systems and sanitizing methods.

No two pools are the same

The type of tiles and grouting, the sanitizer and filtration, the rain water run off into the pool, the overhanging plants, swimmer load etc all contribute to the idiosyncrasies of the pool water chemistry. Every pool has to be learnt and understood. It is easy to dose high chemicals to get clear water. However, a chemical cocktail pool is not in the interest of the health of the swimmer.

Pool smell is not free chlorine

Chemical based pools using Chlorine or Salt are prone to create the smell which is Chloramines, the result of Chlorine combining with the organic matter. Unlike chlorine, they do not naturally dissipate, they accumulate. Chloramines are documented to be a health issue, especially for children and senior citizens. So carefully controlled amounts of these chemicals must be used efficiently, not just casually dosed into the pool as a cure all for all situations.

Chemical free pool management

Our technicians monitor, manage and can advise on methods to improve your swimming experience. Chlorine free swimming pool management is a specialty of The Water Consultant for which our pool staff are trained and retrained, to manage these pool filter systems.

NSPF CPO Certification
NSPF CPO Certification
Team Support

Our Maintenance Teams are supported by pump and filtration specialists. The pools we service are monitored by our Quality Control Team, so all the Owner has to do is, enjoy the pool and give us feedback.